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                     June 17th, 5 pm - 7 pm

                      Presentation at 5:45 pm


                                      Northlea Elementary and Middle School, 

                                350 Rumsey Road

                               North and South Gyms

                          Light Refreshments will be served



Hear music, stories and have a chance to congratulate Mr. Bondy on his retirement after 30 years as a preeminent music teacher, teaching hundreds of children the love of music.   Please join us.



To celebrate this milestone, we will be sharing the gift of music by creating a bursary with the Kiwanis Music Festival in Mr Bondy's name.  If you would like donate toward this bursary, please click on the button below. Donations (cash and credit card) will also be taken at the event. 



A memory book will be assembled and given to Mr. Bondy. If you have a story or anecdote about music at Northlea please make sure you take time at the event to record your comment in the memory book.  






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